Saturday, November 24, 2007

Death by Chocolate

My aunt arrived at my sister's birthday celebration yesterday with this fabulous cake from Gregg's of Providence, RI. The leftovers have been haunting me all day. Six layers of moist, velvety chocolate cake with gooey fudge frosting crammed into every crevice and bittersweet chocolate chips raining down everywhere. Four boys at our table left significant portions of their slice behind but the ladies were sneaking chip-studded crumbs off the platter well past dinner. No deaths were induced this time, but I understand how the attraction could be fatal.


Teagan said...

Oh wow, this sounds like one heck of a fabulous cake! Too bad I couldn't be there to taste it. =) P.S. I'm jealous of your name and catch phrase for your blog, still working on mine... Looks great!

Peter said...

mmmm, I'm still dreaming about that cake :)